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Torres, ‘Salmos’ Priorat 2013

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Region: Priorat, Spain

Varietal: Cariñena, Garnacha and Syrah

Tasting notes: This graceful and alluring red is plush in texture yet beautifully focused, with well-integrated tannins and lively acidity. A full package of aromas includes notes of cedar, vanilla, earthy spice and ripe black fruits. Ripeness is no issue on the palate, which feels intense but controlled. Flavors of berry fruits and black currant are chocolaty, with herbal spice notes. Finally, a long powerful finish tastes of spice-infused chocolate.

Producer: The first mention of the Torres wine family was in 1557, but the winery wasn’t established until 1870, when the profits from the family shipping company made it possible to enter the commercial wine space. Miguel Torres Vendrell founded the company, and since then, the family has passed on the winery (and the name Miguel) steadfastly from generation to generation. They hit a setback when the winery was bombed during the Spanish civil war, but Miguel Torres i Carbó rebuilt, and began the bottling and exporting of the wine. In 1991, Miguel A. Torres took the reigns, and remains president today. He made remarkable strides in environmental advocacy, social responsibility, fair trade, and research and innovation. Since 2012, Miguel Torres Maczassek has been at the helm, and has continued his father’s work, while also embarking on his own projects. Recognized year after year and Drinks Internationals’ “World’s Most Admired Wine Brand,” the story of Familia Torres is a known and respected one throughout Spain and the world.

Vineyard and Winemaking: Salmos is a tribute to the monks of the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei, who arrived in Priorat in 1194 and introduced winegrowing there. It is made from grapes mostly sourced from the La Giberga vineyard in Porrera, a scenic spot featuring terraces standing on llicorella slate soils, with strong temperature fluctuations between day and night, contributing to the allure of this wine. Priorat is a small yet singular wine region located in the province of Tarragona at the foot of the Sierra del Montsant. The region comprises towns and villages that were once under the dominion of the Carthusian Monastery of Escaladei. Its singularity resides in its climate, orography, and geology. Priorat’s internationally renowned wines owe much of their character to the region’s llicorella black slate soils.