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Regaleali, ‘Cavallo delle Fate’ Grillo 2020

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Region: Sicily, Italy

Varietal: 100% Grillo

Tasting notes: Grilllo is an ancient grape variety, a cross between Moscato and Catarratto, and carries complex aromas of honeysuckle, pears, melon, waxed lemon, herbs and stones. It’s medium to full-bodied with bright acidity and creamy, waxy layers. Concentrated and delicious. Complex layers of fruit with savory herb and mineral notes.

Producer: Regaleali is a vast Sicilian estate owned by the noble Tasca d'Almerita family since 1837 and best-known for its fine wines. Sicily's viticultural roots are some of the world's most ancient as the area supported vines as far back as five centuries before Christ. The Tasca D'Almerita family runs a model estate that yields approximately 200,000 cases annually. The wines are made in one of the world's most modern wineries built under the direction of Ezio Rivella. The wines of Regaleali continue to grow in both quantity and quality thanks to the hard work and dedication of Count Giuseppe Tasca over the past 50 years. Today the winery is run by Lucio Tasca and his sons, Giuseppe and Alberto who are increasingly involved in management. Carlo Ferrini, one of Italy's most renown enologists, is makes the wines. In conjunction with the winery, Anna Tasca Lanza - Lucio's sister – also runs a highly regarded cooking school at the estate.

Vineyard and Winemaking: Cultivated from estate grown grapes at Regaleali on the hills next to Case Vecchie. This wine is produced by blending grapes from different harvest periods: the early harvested grapes imbue freshness and hints of minerals; while the later harvest provides structure. According to popular fables, the cricket, or ‘grillo’, would carry the fairies on its back as a horse would its rider, hence the name ‘Cavallo delle Fate’ (the horse of the fairies).