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Palmina, Dolcetto 2019

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Region: Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara, Central Coast, California

Varietal: 100% Dolcetto

Tasting notes: An easy drinking red with soft fruity flavors—but catchy tannins, Dolcetto is often enjoyed in its native Piedmont on a casual weekday night, or for apertivo (the canonical Piedmontese pre-dinner appetizer hour).  The nose is youthful and bright, full of red and Bing cherries. On the palate, notes of hard candy, with a lively Jolly Rancher-like cherry flavor. Mid-palate notes of cardamom, with a pleasurable, slightly herbal finish, and a trace of basil. The characteristics of Dolcetto shine through: a graceful balance of acidity and light tannins, alongside a youthful exuberance and freshness that make this variety so versatile at the table.

Producer: Palmina’s philosophy, passion and strongly held belief is that wine is an extension of the plate, a component of a meal and a means to bring people together. Formed by winemaker Steve Clifton (of La Voix Winery and formerly of Brewer-Clifton Wines) in 1995, Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend Paula. Like a grandmother to him, she taught Steve the love of cooking, wine and the Italian lifestyle and was a spark in his life. After Paula succumbed to breast cancer, Steve found that her given name on her Italian birth certificate was Palmina, and the winery was thus fittingly named.

Vineyard and Winemaking: Palmina produces a full range of wines crafted solely from Italian varietals with names that are as fun to say as they are delicious to drink; Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Pinot Grigio. Palmina translates the history of those grapes to the growing conditions and vineyard sites of the very unique characteristics of Santa Barbara County. In California, the transverse mountain ranges typically run north to south but the Santa Barbara County region is unlike any other in the world: its transverse ranges take a turn, running east and west. This creates a unique growing climate for a range of grape varietals by offering daily, both hot and cool climates. The resulting wines are Italian by inspiration with flavors rooted in Santa Barbara County, and all are intended to be a delicious component of a meal.