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Il Borro, ‘Borrigiano’ 2019

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Region: Valdarno di Sopra, Tuscany, Italy

Varietal: 35% Syrah, 40% Merlot, 25% Sangiovese

Tasting notes: This is the first wine from Il Borro to be made under the Valdarno di Sopra appellation designation (the first vintage made was 2015), and the wine's name Borrigiano means "inhabitants of the Il Borro hamlet.” In the glass it has a lively ruby-red color with purplish reflections. The bouquet is intense with notes of fresh red fruits reminiscent of cherry. Its complexity is underscored by spicy hints of ginger and white pepper. Pleasantly fresh, with bright acidity. The tannins are elegant, finishing clean and harmonious. Pair this with authentic rustic Tuscan cuisine such as bread-based soups (ribollita, pappa al pomodoro), fresh or lightly aged cheeses as well as light and medium meat dishes.

Producer: Established more than one thousand years ago, Il Borro has ancient and mysterious origins, now lost in the mists of time. The estate’s event-filled history includes some of Europe’s noblest families: the Medici Tornaquinici of Florence; the Torriani of Milan; the prince of Hohenlohe Waldenburg, and finally, from 1904, the Savoy dynasty. In the 1950’s, Il Borro passed to Prince Amedeo Duke of Savoy-Aosta, and in 1993 the Duke sold the entire property to Ferruccio Ferragamo.  Ferruccio Ferragamo, aided by his son Salvatore Ferragamo (presently CEO of Il Borro) began extensive restoration and refurbishment of this ancient place, which still bore the scars of the World War II. At the heart of the entire restoration project was a desire to bring the estate back to life, preserving its traditions and history while embracing modern innovations that make this place a perfect continuum between past, present and future.

Vineyard and Winemaking: The Il Borro estate is located about 45 minutes south of Florence within the Valdarno Valley of Tuscany (Valdarno di Sopra D.O.C). The Valdarno di Sopra D.O.C. designation was one of the original four wine appellations within Tuscany recognized by Cosimo de' Medici III, the Grand Duke of Tuscany. In 1716, he issued an edict legislating the first official designations within Tuscany: Valdarno di Sopra; Chianti Classico; Carmignano and Pomino. Today, Valdarno di Sopra D.O.C. is working toward becoming the very first Italian wine denomination requiring organic production. At Il Borro, the conversion to organic farming began with the 2015 vintage and all the wines produced on the Il Borro estate are now exclusively made with certified organically grown grapes.  The 2019 Valdarno di Sopra Borrigiano is a blend of Merlot, Sangiovese and Syrah that sees a brief period of cold maceration followed by ten months of aging in large oak casks. The aim here is to keep the freshness of the fruit intact, and this goal has been readily achieved.