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Enrico Serafino, ‘Oudeis’ Alta Langa Brut 2017

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Region: Alta Langa, Piedmont, Italy

Varietal: 85% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay

Tasting notes: Enrico Serafino is a specialist in classic-method sparkling wine, having produced this style of wine since the foundation of the winery in 1878. The Alta Langa Brut is the pinnacle of this long experience, made primarily from Pinot Noir for flavor and body, with 20% Chardonnay for elegance and added complexity. This is an exemplary vintage sparkling wine, showing a great depth of flavor and aromas from at least 3½ years of bottle aging in contact with yeast cells. Brilliant pale yellow in appearance. Intense aroma rich in honey scents, white flowers, white fruits enhanced with bread crust and fine yeast aromas. Fine and persistent pérlage. Complex aroma, elegant, fresh and with good salinity at the same time, with long mineral persistent finish.

Producer: Enrico Serafino was founded in 1878 in Canale d’Alba, one of the main towns in the Roero region of Piemonte, Italy, which has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages as a farming center for the area. Today the winery still stands in its original location, making it the oldest winery in the region. Established by businessman and landowner Enrico Serafino, the winery quickly became well-known and respected throughout Piemonte and Italy and was one of the first to sell the region’s classic wines throughout Italy and abroad. During this time, Enrico Serafino was also active in the production of Metodo Classico sparkling wines, which would later directly contribute to the formation and recognition of the Alta Langa DOCG.

Vineyard and Winemaking: The Alta Langa region of Piemonte encompasses the rolling hills throughout the provinces of Alessandra, Asti and Cuneo. The altitude and exposition of these hills make them well-situated for growing the classic sparking wine varietals of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Metodo classico wines were made in Piemonte as early as 1850, making it the first region in Italy to widely produce sparkling wines. In 1990 the Consorzio of the Piedmontese Historic Wineries (comprised of seven producers, including Enrico Serafino) formed the “Alta Langa Traditional Method Project” to work towards formalizing the production and growing guidelines of the region’s Metodo Classico wine production. In 2002 Alta Langa was formally recognized as a DOC production area, gaining DOCG status in 2011.  The name Oudeis comes from the Greek "Odysseus" and means no one. By giving the Alta Langa Brut this name, the winery acknowledges that no one is at the origin of the wine complexity; only terroir has this ability.